The Genieve Shelter strives to provide a safe refuge and supportive environment for the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking; provide information, education, and training services that focus on ending the cycle of violence.


The Genieve Shelter serves the cities of Suffolk and Franklin, the Town of Smithfield, and the counties of Isle of Wight, Southampton, and Surry.


Services are free to clients - no payment is required.


Nora Butler, President
Angela Artis, Vice President
Matt Brady, Treasurer
Barbara Warren-Jones, Secretary
Leon Walker, Director

Matthew Rogers, Director

Valerie Fields, Director

Marleisa Montgomery, Executive Director


Marleisa M., Executive Director
Aretha P., Program Director
Rebecca G., Community Client / Outreach Coordinator
Kasey S., Shelter Case Manager / Client Services Director
Betty M., Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP) Coordinator
Michelle H., Shelter Director
Bryce W., Children's Advocate
Beanie J., Crisis Intervention Specialist
Holly P., Crisis Intervention Specialist 
Kathryn F., Licensed Professional Counselor
Renee H., Licensed Professional Counselor